Model/muscle hottie @ACMLondon (Twitter)/@acmorrill (Instagram)


Model/muscle hottie @ACMLondon (Twitter)/@acmorrill (Instagram)


ZAHN #3 is NOW AVAILABLE from Class Comics!

You’ve patiently awaited the return of ZAHN, the SON OF WINTER, and it’s with great pride that we finally unleash ZAHN #3 — the third chapter in this captivating and scorchingly hot series written and illustrated by PATRICK FILLION, with colors by Cabrera and Fillion. It’s available both in Print and Digital Editions!

These are strange days for ZAHN. Our hero awakens in an unfamiliar room, surrounded by men he believes he’s never seen before. What’s really odd is they all seem to think he’s someone other than himself. Of course that doesn’t stop them from breeding the heck out of his poor confused ass. A good pounding is a great way to jog the memory, and as his butthole gets stretched to it’s very limits, the Son of Winter’s memories begin to return.

Flashback a few hours in time: CAULDRON is mortally wounded, and his aggressor, the traitorous JONAH is on the run. A desperate manhunt ensues, even as CAULDRON’s life ebbs away. But as ZAHN closes in on JONAH, previously unseen forces intervene, all under the order of a mysterious mastermind — the root of all of ZAHN’s problems. Our heroic barbarian is subdued and carted off to meet his fate.

The Vampire BARUND is hot on ZAHN’s trail, and hopes to free his friend from the clutches of his enemies, but VARDA holds many strange, un-encountered secrets, and some revelations may prove too great to prevail against. BARUND may well get the shock of his life.

Meanwhile, MEEZOK, UOGO, SELAR and LYRUS remain behind, and fall prey to a stealth attack. While they struggle to regain the upper hand and keep from being exterminated, ZAHN comes face to face with the truth of his past… and is squares off against the one opponent he cannot defeat.

You wanted answers to the questions posed in ZAHN #1 and ZAHN #2… you’re about to get them in a spectacular, shocking, and boner-popping third issue that will leave you gasping for breath.

Now available in both printed and digital comic formats. Get your copy today! THE FIRST 100 PRINT COPIES WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED BY PATRICK!

Zahn and all other characters are © Copyright and TM 2014, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

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